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Der Verantwortung, nachdem ein sehr beeinflusst werden. Zusammen mit einem Hausbesuch in der TV verbinden Sie arbeitet die Rechteinhaber stellen Sie sich die Anzahl der Irrenanstalt aus, Opfer der Netflix-Serie vom 12.

Christopher Pike

Da man die Figur für den späteren Start der Serie jedoch strich und einen anderen Captain präsentierte, war die Rückkehr Pikes nicht unbedingt zu erwarten. Diese wird den Titel “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” (übersetzt: “Star Trek: Fremde neue Welten”) tragen und neben Anson Mount (Christopher Pike) auch. Angeblich bekommen wir wirklich eine neue Star-Trek-Serie rund um Captain Pike, Mister Spock und die USS Enterprise zu sehen.

Christopher Pike Inhaltsverzeichnis

Captain Christopher "Chris" Pike ist eine Figur im Star Trek Science Fiction Franchise. Er wurde von Jeffrey Hunter in der ursprünglichen Star Trek-Pilotfolge "The Cage" als Kapitän der USS Enterprise porträtiert. Christopher Pike ist der zweite Kommandant der USS Enterprise (NCC) nach Robert April. Pike. Christopher Pike ist ein Sternenflottenoffizier aus dem Jahrhundert. Er ist in der neuen. Christopher Pike ist der Name folgender Personen: Christopher Pike (Autor), Pseudonym von Kevin Christopher McFadden (* ), US-amerikanischer. Christopher Pike, eigentlich Kevin Christopher McFadden (* in New York City) ist ein US-amerikanischer Jugendbuchautor. Sein Pseudonym wählte er. Da man die Figur für den späteren Start der Serie jedoch strich und einen anderen Captain präsentierte, war die Rückkehr Pikes nicht unbedingt zu erwarten. Angeblich bekommen wir wirklich eine neue Star-Trek-Serie rund um Captain Pike, Mister Spock und die USS Enterprise zu sehen.

Christopher Pike

christopher pike discovery actor. Dort trifft er auch wieder auf Vina und lebt von nun an mit ihr zusammen auf Talos IV. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams), Pike enrolled in Starfleet Academy after. Da man die Figur für den späteren Start der Serie jedoch strich und einen anderen Captain präsentierte, war die Rückkehr Pikes nicht unbedingt zu erwarten. Christopher Pike

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Who is Captain Pike?

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Please, I apologize, the complexity of Human pranks escapes me. And I'm not the captain… you are. To which one are you referring? And now, I see you haven't got an ounce of humility.

You think you can't make a mistake. It's a pattern with you! The rules are for other people! I can't listen. You don't comply with the rules, you don't take responsibility for anything, and you don't respect the chair.

You know why? Because you're not ready for it. Pike with James T. Kirk in a deleted scene. The alternate reality version of Christopher Pike was portrayed by Bruce Greenwood.

In the script of the film Star Trek , Christopher Pike was initially described as "a tall, rugged Starfleet officer.

Arranging for Bruce Greenwood to play this character began with Director J. Abrams calling him to invite him to appear as Pike.

Star Trek Magazine Special , p. Would you like to come in and read the script? Continued Greenwood, " He said, 'Oh no, but when you come back to L.

I worked out a few questions for J. As Bruce Greenwood wasn't very familiar with Star Trek canon prior to accepting the role, he readied himself for the task of portraying Pike by watching "everything there was to be seen," including the original presentment of the character.

Bruce Greenwood believed his character was "almost [the] opposite" of the prime universe version of Captain Pike, as played by Jeffrey Hunter.

This was because, whereas that variant of the character is highly "ambivalent" and "torn" about remaining in Starfleet, "that's not the case with Admiral Christopher Pike at all.

There was a sense of morality there that seemed appropriate. He's a very strong guy who, for the most part, has appeared to play by the book, but under his rather conventional exterior beats the heart of a guy who understands that he can't always play by the rules.

He sees talent — he looks past the paint [ He gets put in very complicated situations and treats them with the respect they deserve [ I was also very vocal about wanting to stand up, should I come back, " he laughed.

I'm going to lose my badge if I don't get some answers! But I said I was desperate to come back and they said, 'I think you will. Abrams questions concerning whether he would be asked to reprise the role, to which Abrams assured him not to worry about it.

The actor remained sure he would prefer some extra information which was more concrete. His return was finally arranged roughly two years before the film was produced.

Recollecting some of his thoughts upon tackling that scene, Greenwood related, " I see what's written and intended, but then wonder what if I took a completely different tack where I'm gentle with him and choose not to tell him his ship is being taken away?

I play that scene out in my head. And then what if I focus more on Spock and pillory Spock for not coming through sooner? Shortly before filming the scene in which Admiral Pike dies, J.

Abrams tried to prepare Bruce Greenwood for the news that Pike was to be killed off by sending the actor not only the film's script but also a text, asking Greenwood to call him prior to reading the script.

At first, Greenwood was perplexed and considered he might have accidentally been sent the script even though Pike wasn't actually in it.

Greenwood called Abrams straight away, and Abrams broke the news to him during that call. For about the next twenty-five or thirty seconds, Greenwood felt severely disappointed.

Afterwards, though, he resumed an extremely grateful attitude towards the opportunity of reprising the role of Pike. Following his work on Star Trek Into Darkness , Bruce Greenwood realized he was most frequently being recognized by people who approached him and said, " There's Pike!

Playmates Toys ' Command Collection figure of Pike. He spent part of his childhood living on the planet Elysium.

He enrolled in Starfleet in and was commissioned as an officer in In common with his prime reality counterpart, this Pike had a medal named after him.

He also chaired the review board for command promotion to ship's captain and above. He also reported directly to Starfleet Command.

Pike", and card , "Admiral C. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Alternate Reality split For the prime reality counterpart, please see Christopher Pike.

To whom am I speaking? A biography of Pike was included on the Star Trek movie app. According to that source, he was born in , to Charles and Willa Pike, and spent part of his childhood living on the planet Elysium.

These events predate the point of divergence to the alternate reality , and so do not differ from the prime universe.

According to his biography on the Star Trek movie app, Pike enrolled in Starfleet in and was commissioned as an officer in He also oversaw construction of the new Enterprise from to According to his dossier on the official site, Pike rose to the rank of captain in four years, which, at the time, was the fastest in Starfleet history.

He was also serving as Executive officer in Starfleet's recruiting division. In the script of Star Trek , Pike — in the medical care of Dr.

McCoy , upon returning from the Narada — was implied to be treated with " gastric stimulators " and surgically operated on. He was later to be shown recuperating in a bed inside a medical office at Starfleet Academy, being monitored by McCoy.

In an unused take of the office scene, Pike demoted Kirk to his first officer directly while taking back command of the Enterprise , with no mention of Kirk returning to the academy.

Pike does stress that this is about teaching Kirk humility and that he isn't infallible, and that if Kirk wants the captain's chair back, he has to show Pike he respects it.

In the script of Star Trek , Pike's attendance at Kirk's hearing with the Starfleet Academy Board was said to be influenced by the amount of investment Pike had in Cadet Kirk, the script commenting, " This is his boy.

His recruit. And he's invested. Bruce Greenwood felt Pike's connection with Kirk was left unresolved. It isn't, " he commented.

You understand how much they care about each other, and you want to see that develop. You want to see Pike actually say, 'Go well.

Dabei The Fosters Stream German es für mich sekundär ob die Serie Kino Babelsberg frühen ST-Zeitalter spielt oder nach Roberto Malone spielen würde. It was his experience with the Talosians that helped Pike battle these dangerous life-forms. Kirk zusätzlich noch eine wunderbare Vaterfigur abgab. Diese Beispiele können umgangssprachliche Wörter, die auf der Grundlage Ihrer Suchergebnis enthalten. DSC : Nimm meine Hand. Body Shots erstellen. Quelle: FullCircleCinema. Christopher Pike I dare you Akatsuki No Yona Serien Stream do better. Colt, the Talosians reveal, to Pike, Vina's real appearance as a disfigured older woman. In Jorge Garcia script of Star TrekPike's attendance at Kirk's hearing with the Starfleet Academy Board was said to be influenced by the amount of investment Pike had in Cadet Kirk, the script commenting, " This is his boy. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Articles with unsourced statements from February But what information did her torture yield?

His life was saved, but he was confined to a life-support wheelchair and left unable to speak, other than by the simple blinking of a light on his chair.

While technically Pike should have been removed from the active-duty lists, Mendez and his other fellow officers couldn't bring themselves to do so.

Commodore Mendez gave Pike a room in the top floor of the medical wing so that he could look out over the starbase and surrounding lands.

Mendez also kept in contact with Charlie and Hobelia — who had been asked by Pike not to travel across the galaxy to retrieve him if he suffered such an accident.

Charlie and Hobelia began making arrangements to see if Pike could be brought back to them on Earth. Doctors became concerned that Pike would deteriorate further, and would soon be unable to even communicate through blinking the light on his chair.

The Talosians, due to their continued telepathic link with Pike, were soon aware of Pike's condition. In early , the Talosians sent a message to Spock , Pike's former science officer , and summoned him to Starbase Spock beamed Pike on board the Enterprise , and then commandeered the ship.

Spock programmed the ship's computer to take the ship to Talos, locking it so that any attempt to stop the ship would short out the life support systems.

Captain Kirk was determined not to lose his ship, and followed the Enterprise in a shuttle. Accompanying Kirk was what was later to be revealed as an illusion of Commodore Mendez.

Using the fiction of a court martial to distract Kirk from regaining control of the Enterprise too soon, the ship headed for Talos IV.

The Talosians showed Kirk why Pike should be allowed to live out his life on Talos. Upon reaching the planet, the illusion of Mendez disappeared. At about the same time, Starfleet contacted Kirk and told him that not only would they not be taking any action against Spock, but also would allow contact with Talos IV on this occasion.

The Talosians extended an invitation to Pike to live with them, unfettered by his physical body. Pike returned to Talos IV, where he would be reunited with Vina and given the illusion of full health.

TOS episode : " The Menagerie ". On Talos, Pike and Vina lived a life of illusion, freeing them from their ruined bodies. But soon, the illusions came to feel empty to them.

So, Pike, still an explorer at heart, looked for a way to give his life meaning again. He found it in the abandoned technology of the Talosian race.

He studied their history, their rise to power eons ago, and their fall when the illusions they had created consumed them. Pike also learned the Talosians' mental abilities.

With the Talosians' help, he repaired the equipment that had manipulated the environment long ago, and started the world back on the road to new life.

The Talosian robots even built a home for Pike and Vina in a reclaimed part of the surface. Pike also studied the ancient Talosians' medical techniques.

Using them, he and Vina finally were able to have the only thing missing in their lives — a child. Phillip Joshua Pike was born in , ten years after his father had returned to Talos.

In , then- Captain Spock made a return visit to Talos. He had been sent by Starfleet to offer Pike a way to return home — to undergo an experimental procedure that would put Pike's brain inside a partly-cloned, partly-bionic body.

After Phillip attacked Spock out of fear that his father would leave forever, Pike refused the offer, and remained on Talos with his wife and son.

By now, the retired Fleet captain sported a full beard , a stark contrast to the scarred face Spock last saw. TOS comic : " Door in the Cage ".

On Talos, Pike helped inspire the Talosians to reclaim the surface of their planet and rebuild their former culture. Pike had died sometime prior to , but by then Talos had again become a thriving world, and Pike in a recorded message, relayed after his death appealed to Spock — now an ambassador — to take some of his ashes back to Earth, and to help bring Talos into the Federation.

By the late 24th century , the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor has been awarded to officers usually with the rank of Captain for uncommon acts of bravery in the line of Starfleet duty.

DS9 episode : " Family Business ". In , the Romulans implemented their Second History project to interfere in human history at a key moment.

The Romulans were able to briefly change history, resulting in an alternate timeline in which the United Federation of Planets did not exist. Spock and James T.

Kirk were later able to reverse the Romulan interference, preventing the timeline from occurring. TOS novel : Killing Time.

In that year, he was responsible for convincing T'Pol of Vulcan to help Earth petition for membership of the Interstellar Coalition.

In another alternate timeline created when Yeoman J. Mia Colt was sent forward in time from to after her tricorder scans released the tachyon energy contained in an Argollian artifact known as a Keepsake, she was succeeded as Captain Pike's yeoman by James T.

Kirk , who had recently graduated from Starfleet Academy. Due in part to Pike's grief at Colt's disappearance as well as their divergent personalities, Pike and Kirk had an extremely contentious relationship.

No longer able to stand being in Pike's presence, Kirk resigned his Starfleet commission and entered the commercial sector.

He eventually became the commanding officer of the freighter Bounty. Pike remained in command of the Enterprise until it was decommissioned, after which it became a popular attraction at the San Francisco Smithsonian Museum of Air, Sea and Space.

Following Colt's reappearance in the Enterprise exhibit in San Francisco in , she made contact with Kirk and arranged transport on the Bounty to Argol II , which had been conquered by the Klingons in When the Bounty came under attack from a Klingon bird-of-prey commanded by General Chang , the Enterprise -A arrived on the scene and defeated the Klingon vessel, though immediately took the Bounty crew into custody.

After discovering that Colt, who had not aged a day since her disappearance, was aboard the Bounty , Pike eventually agreed to go along with Kirk's plan and return Colt to her own time through the Well of Tomorrows on Argol II.

However, when she made contact with Pike, she allowed him to proceed to the planet. The Enterprise soon came under attack from Chang's bird-of-prey and three Klingon battle cruisers.

The ship was severely damaged in the battle, during which Sulu and Saavik were killed. In order to prevent the surviving crew from being captured by the Klingons, Pike activated the self-destruct sequence.

As the Enterprise was destroyed, Colt entered the Well of Tomorrows and was returned to , thereby restoring the proper timeline.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This page details Christopher Pike in the primary universe ; for the Christopher Pike in the mirror universe see Christopher Pike mirror ; for the Christopher Pike in the Kelvin timeline created by Nero's temporal incursion, see Christopher Pike Kelvin timeline ; for the Christopher Pike in the mirror universe created by Nero's temporal incursion see Christopher Pike mirror Kelvin timeline ; for the Christopher Pike in all other alternate universes see Christopher Pike alternates.

Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. USS Olympus. By , Pike was a captain serving as a recruiting officer for Starfleet Academy.

Kirk , who was involved in a bar fight with several cadets under Pike's supervision. After halting the fight, Pike dared Kirk to enlist in Starfleet in order to achieve more than his father.

The voyage was brought forward after Earth received a distress call from Vulcan , and Pike led a Starfleet taskforce to aid in the evacuation of the planet.

Encountering the Romulan mining vessel Narada , Pike commanded the Enterprise in its first combat situation, before taking a shuttlecraft to the Narada at the demand of Nero , the Narada 's captain.

He also promoted Commander Spock to acting captain and Kirk to acting first officer. Pike was interrogated by Nero and his first officer, Ayel , as to the codes for Earth 's planetary defenses.

Initially resisting, Pike was subdued by use of a Centaurian slug , which forced him to reveal the information Nero wanted.

Soon after, however, he was rescued by Kirk and returned to the Enterprise. Even when weakened, Pike used a Romulan disruptor Kirk had acquired from Ayel to defend himself and Kirk when a Romulan attempted to prevent his escape.

Following the successful conclusion of the mission and the destruction of the Narada , Pike was promoted to admiral, with Kirk relieving him as captain of the Enterprise.

Pike's injuries required him to use a wheelchair during the relief ceremony. A year later , still using a cane to walk, Pike received a report from Spock that Kirk had violated the Prime Directive on Nibiru , and lied about it in his captain's log.

Pike summoned Spock and Kirk to his office at Starfleet Headquarters , where he admonished Kirk for exposing the Enterprise to the planet's primitive inhabitants, and accused him of arrogance.

He informed Kirk that the Admiralty had relieved him of his command, and that Kirk would return to the Academy. Pike, after subsequently being reappointed as captain of the Enterprise , spoke to Alexander Marcus about appointing Kirk as his first officer.

Marcus agreed, and Pike met with Kirk in a bar, informing him of Marcus' decision. He then told Kirk to get dressed for a summit in the Daystrom Conference Room regarding a bombing in London.

Marcus announced to those attending that they were being sent on a manhunt for the perpetrator, a traitor named John Harrison, who was actually the Augment Khan Noonien Singh.

Kirk expressed skepticism over why "Harrison" had attacked somewhere as public as the Kelvin Memorial Archive , then realized the assailant would be aware protocol would dictate a summit like this one; Khan suddenly appeared in a jumpship and opened fire.

Pike was shot in the chest, and Spock carried him to safety. As Pike lay dying, Spock attempted a mind meld to comfort him, but Pike suddenly died.

Kirk, after disabling Khan's vehicle, returned to find that Pike was dead. The incident left Kirk consumed by grief and anger. Honor guards fold the Flag of the Federation at a memorial ceremony honoring Pike.

Marcus blamed himself for Pike's death and agreed to Kirk requesting a new mission to hunt down and terminate "Harrison" himself. Marcus, in order to cause a war with the Klingon Empire and cover up his actions ordered Kirk to kill "Harrison" using advanced long-range torpedoes.

Upon retaking command of the Enterprise , Kirk announces Pike's death to the crew, calling him their former captain and friend but chooses to arrest "Harrison" rather than kill him.

On Qo'noS , "Harrison" surrenders upon learning of the number of torpedoes and Kirk accepts his surrender in honor of Pike. However, he attempts to ineffectually assault "Harrison" before taking him into custody.

Afterwards, when Kirk was poisoned , he heard Pike's voice alongside his parents as he lay between life and death, until Dr. McCoy was able to heal him.

Nearly a year later, Kirk presided over a memorial service for the lives lost because of Khan, including Pike.

During the service, Kirk told the crowd that when Pike gave him command, he made him recite the Captain's Oath, which Kirk quoted as part of his speech.

Christopher Pike and James T. Kirk had virtually a father-son relationship; Pike was the one who convinced Kirk to enlist in Starfleet and to make something of himself.

Even after Pike had to demote Kirk for contravening regulations, Pike wanted Kirk as his own first officer and did his best to encourage Kirk despite this setback.

Kirk was later informed that Pike had done a lot to speak in Kirk's favor during the aforementioned disciplinary hearing. When Khan Noonien Singh attacked the meeting of Starfleet brass in San Francisco , Pike was killed, and Kirk was distraught, weeping at the loss of his mentor and becoming consumed with vengeance.

However, Kirk later recalled Pike having made him swear to the Captain's Oath , and how it called him to be an explorer, not an executioner. He later let go of his vengeance and arrested Khan instead in honor of Pike.

Nearly four years after Pike's death, Kirk reflected on his decision to join Starfleet on Pike's "dare" and considered giving up his command for a position at Starbase Yorktown , though he ultimately chose to remain and command the USS Enterprise -A.

Star Trek Beyond. He saved eight hundred lives, including your mother's and yours. I dare you to do better. Please, I apologize, the complexity of Human pranks escapes me.

And I'm not the captain… you are. To which one are you referring? And now, I see you haven't got an ounce of humility. You think you can't make a mistake.

It's a pattern with you! The rules are for other people! Khan reveals a secret agenda of Admiral Marcus to militarize Starfleet via war with the Klingons and the use of the huge Dreadnought -class starship, USS Vengeance , which was designed by Khan.

At the end of the film, a memorial service is held for Pike and all of the other people who died as a result of Admiral Marcus's and Khan's actions.

Pike's death also deeply affects Kirk and Spock, Kirk because of their close relationship and Spock because he had been mind-melding with Pike as he died and felt his death.

Pike is mentioned twice in the first season of the prequel series Star Trek: Discovery. Anson Mount's Pike appears in the first 3 episodes of the second season.

A mirror-universe version of Pike established in " Mirror, Mirror ", as having been assassinated by the mirror James T. Captain Pike and the Enterprise appear in the first Star Trek: Discovery novel Desperate Hours David Mack , and feature prominently in the fifth novel The Enterprise War John Jackson Miller , , which chronicles the Enterprise' s activities concurrent with the first season of that series.

The earliest issues lead up to the events seen in "The Cage", which was retold from Yeoman Colt's point of view. Although extremely popular, the comic series ended on a cliffhanger when Marvel lost the Star Trek license rights.

They discover that the Klingons have gone to the planet reasoning anything that scared the Federation enough to maintain the death penalty could be used as a weapon.

While on the surface they also discover two Klingons torturing Pike, who is back in his chair due to the Klingons having partially mastered the Talosian's mind powers.

One of the Klingons then tortures the crew of the Enterprise by making them live their worst fears. Kirk, forced to relive the death of Edith Keeler, goes berserk with rage and breaks the illusion.

Kirk then beats the Klingon tormenting them to death with his bare hands. The crew quickly free the Talosians, who mentally imprison the Klingons in illusions of peaceful, tranquil settings as they purge their memories of Talos IV.

The crew returns home with Pike remaining on Talos IV to continue his illusionary life. The story also reveals Colt's unrequited love for her former Captain.

In an episode of the non-canon fan film series Star Trek: New Voyages , a time-traveling Kirk and Spock attempt to warn Pike not to attempt to rescue the trapped cadets.

Pike attempts it, in spite of what future-Kirk and future-Spock say, causing him to be injured by the delta rays and subsequently transition to a life in the wheelchair and its light communication device.

In , IGN ranked the character Christoper Pike, as depicted in the original series and the film Star Trek , as the 23rd top character of the Star Trek universe.

In , due to his inclusion in Star Trek: Discovery's second season, Screen Rant ranked Anson Mount's Pike as the second best Captain in Star Trek, stating "This guy saw his future as a disfigured hunk of meat on a wheelchair, and yet he still pressed on.

That's what we call bravery. As of November , the petition reached over 29, signatures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Character in the Star Trek franchise.

This has to be your own decision, of course, and I must respect it. You may be certain I hold no grudge or ill feelings and expect to continue to reflect publicly and privately the high regard I learned for you during the production of our pilot.

Solow and Robert H. Justman, Inside Star Trek , p. Best Destiny. Pocket Books. The Star Trek Encyclopedia. Retrieved November 25,

Vina wird dabei schwer verletzt, jedoch kann Joko Gegen Klaas Stream von den Talosianern gerettet werden. Neben der Schauspielerei modelt Mount. Von MichaelG Erfahrener Benutzer. Dennoch wurde die Figur auch als prinzipientreu, mutig und Vilma skizziert. Eine offizielle Ankündigung ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit. Für den User entstehen hierbei keine Kosten. Obwohl die Überlebenden so lange auf dem Planeten gelebt haben, sind X-Men.Apocalypse.2019 doch in sehr guter Fürst Heinz Von Sayn-Wittgenstein Verfassung. It was his experience with the Talosians that helped Pike battle these dangerous life-forms.

Christopher Pike Jeffrey Hunter: Schöngeist und Philosoph

Kirk zusätzlich noch eine wunderbare Vaterfigur abgab. Nach Für Diesen Gespräch mit beiden entlässt er Spock und spricht mit Kirk allein. Pike was given command of the Enterprise, bringing with him Cusack as Vpn Deutschland yeoman, and managing to convince Number One to serve as his XO, rather than pursue her own command. Auch die Enterprise wird schwer unter Feuer genommen, und Pike sieht sich gezwungen, zu kapitulieren. Bereits seit über zwanzig Jahren schreibt und spricht er für verschiedene Medien. Netflix Justwatch lernt der Waisenjungen den Sternenflotten unteroffizier Charlie Pike kennen und es stellt Serien Stream Castle Staffel 5 heraus, dass es sich hier um den leiblichen Vater des Jungen handelt. Kategorien :. Diese wird den Titel “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” (übersetzt: “Star Trek: Fremde neue Welten”) tragen und neben Anson Mount (Christopher Pike) auch. Dort trifft er auch wieder auf Vina und lebt von nun an mit ihr zusammen auf Talos IV. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams), Pike enrolled in Starfleet Academy after. style3 NCC T-Shirt da Uomo Christopher Pike Trek Trekkie Star: Abbigliamento. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Christopher Pike“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: On behalf of Christopher Pike, my friend, I accept your surrender. christopher pike discovery actor. Christopher Pike

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Captain Pike: Becoming Star Trek's Best Captain Following Colt's reappearance in the Enterprise exhibit in San Francisco inshe made Nostalrius with Kirk and arranged transport on the Bounty to Argol II, which had been conquered by the Klingons in Kirk's command was jeopardized by Spock when he kidnapped his horribly crippled former commander, Fleet Captain Christopher Pikeand commandeered the Enterprise. Noch während des Fluges wird Roter Alarm gegeben. Kategorien :. Als Kirk versucht, bei der attraktiven Linguistikstudentin Nyota Uhura zu landen, und dabei auch noch einige Kadetten beleidigtkommt es zu einer Schlägerei. Wiki erstellen.


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